By Day: Tracey has been with Norcom for over 2 years where she works up front as a Receptionist and Final Document Specialist. She has many different tasks every day which include answering phone calls and transferring these calls to the appropriate departments. Tracey also works closely with the Post Closing Department where she helps with sending and receiving final documents. She loves her job at Norcom because of the people she gets to associate with each day and the diversity that comes with the position. The interaction she has with her coworkers makes her job exciting and fun because she gets to meet so many people.

By Night: Outside of work, Tracey’s day consists of going home and having dinner with her husband, Roy. She then heads off to the gym and when she gets back home she continues working on her second job, Ebay. Tracey has been selling products she finds at estate and tag sales for over 17 years, where her daughter jokingly calls it, “hillbilly handpicking”.  She really enjoys the connection she makes with people through this business as well as being on the hunt for items that are often requested. When it comes to having some fun, Tracey loves to try new restaurants and going on long drives with her husband where they have no particular destination to get to, just wherever the road takes them. Tracey’s husband and her children mean everything to her and she could not imagine her life without them.